MumSMS+ for Symbian (ver 5.11.6 build 1250)

All-in-one package
English-only package
unsigned package

Use for signed to enable auto-startup feature.

MumSMS+ for S60 2nd/1st edtion devices (version 4.15)

S60 2nd edition package
S60 1st edition package
UIQ package

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The installation package had been self-signed before the delivering. And in most S60 devices, please change the default software installation setting to ‘All’ to allow installation of self-signed applications ( Tools -> App. Manager -> Options -> Settings ).


Il pacchetto di installazione è stato auto-firmati prima della consegna. E nella maggior parte dei dispositivi S60, si prega di cambiare l’impostazione di default l’installazione del software a ‘Tutte’ per consentire l’installazione di applicazioni self-signed “(Strumenti -> Application Manager -> Opzioni -> Impostazioni).


Die Installations-Paket war selbst vor der Auslieferung. Und in den meisten S60-Ger?te, ?ndern Sie bitte die Standard-Software-Installations-Einstellung auf “Alle”, um die Installation von selbst signierten Anwendungen (Tools -> Application Manager -> Optionen -> Einstellungen).


El paquete de instalación se había auto-firmado antes de la entrega. Y en la mayoría de los dispositivos S60, por favor, cambiar el valor por defecto de instalación del software de configuración para ‘todos’ para permitir la instalación de aplicaciones de auto-firmado (Herramientas -> Administrador de Aplicaciones -> Opciones -> Configuración).


安装程序包交付前经过自签名。在多数S60设备中,请更改默认的软件安装设置为’所有的’, 以允许安装自签名的应用程序(工具“ – >应用程序管理器- > ”选项- > “设置)

Screenshot of MumSMS+ for S60 5th

Screenshot of MumSMS+ for S60 5th

Screenshot for MumSMS+ for S60 3rd edition

Screenshot of MumSMS+ for S60 3rd edition

Screenshot of MumSMS+ for S60 2nd

Screenshot of MumSMS+ for S60 2nd

Screenshot of MumSMS+ for S60 1st

Screenshot of MumSMS+ for S60 1st

  1. Schnuppl
    February 17th, 2012 at 17:00 | #1

    With version MumSMS + 5.11.6 will all read sms displayed on my Nokia N8 (Symbian Belle) as unread?! The envelopes are closed.

  2. Yugeen
    February 10th, 2012 at 21:00 | #2

    Добрый день!
    Судя по всему вы поторопились с сообщением что теперь программа поддерживает Belle Symbian – после ключевого обновления операционной системы до Belle Symbian в NOKIA N8, MumSMS + отказалась работать совершенно.
    Интересно – это как то можно исправить или все безнадежно?

  3. Adrian
    October 29th, 2011 at 00:50 | #4


    I need remove password!
    I try unistall, but password protect remain
    i know my paswword, but, when try to change to remove (leave in blank)
    mumsms force me to write something, i want remove password protect
    any help?

    Thank for you atention

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